dharawal country - sydney, nsw

idlewild was founded on darkinjung land by me, a proud aboriginal woman from bundjalung country.

i would like to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of all the incredible lands of which I am so grateful to move and create upon.

with deep respect lightly we tread, on what always was and always will be First Nations land.

hello there, i'm bobby 

i. i started my photography career in live music, shooting festivals and bands like mumford and sons, ben howard, and death cab for cutie. i've been capturing weddings since 2016, and i absolutely love what i get to call a job.

ii. my secret skill is that i can rip a phone book in half.

iii. the desert island question: i’d bring the box set of harry potter, my trusty film camera with a few rolls and i’d probably try to work out how to get my record player + collection there too.

iv.  i love to snowboard, and i spend as much time as i can in the winter at perisher.

v.  my favourite food is a tie between the humble potato chip and the less humble tasmanian pacific oyster. 

and here’s some fun facts about me:

when i picked my business name, i stole it right from the pages of my favourite childhood book. in anne of green gables, idlewild meant a beautiful ring of white birch trees, but for me, it summates perfectly why i love what i do.

i love the idle - the calming breaths you take before you see your love for the first time on the best day of your life, the tears of joy your grandparents try to hide behind their hankies, the hand holding and arm touching, the emotion, the little moments that show the depth of your love.

and, i love the wild. the laughs, the dancing, the running through open fields, and all the fun and exciting moments that come with marrying the love of your life.

i’m all about capturing your big day and big love in all its forms of loud and stillness, and i can promise you that i’m gonna love every second of it.

what does 
idlewild mean?

a bit more about my approach

i know how seriously weird it can feel to be in front of the camera, so i keep things as laid back as possible to make you feel comfortable. i'm not about being a fly on the wall, but i'm not about making you put your shoes or jacket on eight times to get a different angle. i'll capture your day as it happens, up close and amongst it when you need me to be, and hidden from sight and shooting from the corner when you don't.

not some posed pinterest version, but the real and raw version.

i’m about capturing you for who you are, and for what the relationship you’ve created together is.