don’t let your memories only exist on a screen.

i mean, you can (i don’t own you), but i feel like it would be a disservice to yourself and your photos to only see them in pixels.

i’ve searched hard to find what i believe are the best suppliers in australia to provide this wedding merch for my couples so that you don’t have to go into big w with a usb to get your photos off that damn screen and into your hands, walls and homes.

plus, i promise that all of the things listed on here can’t be beat by officeworks or kmart, and are built with aesthetic and longevity in mind.


why should we get an album?

one: they’re built to last forever

all albums are made using italian book binding techniques with paper options from 1mm thick and up sandwiched using archival adhesives between covers in durable covering options. they are all flat lay, with your photos printed on luxurious soft matte paper using dye based inks that penetrate (sorry) deep into the paper. each page is then spray laminated for durability and vertical press scored for strength —in less wanky words, these albums are built to outlive your future great grandkids.

two: they look sick

leather, linen, velvet, all the colours. there’s so many options and embellishments to make these albums match you and your day.

three: why mess around with the stress of making it yourself?

i’ve heard it before, the ‘oh yeah, we’ll make one ourself once we get the time/find a printer/work out how to lay the pages out/etc’ but honestly, i’m yet to see it. i’ll do everything for you (but i want you to help me lock down your must have shots). layout design, custom calligraphy etc. i’m also a graphic designer, so i’ll make it look as poppin’ as possible.

album packages

the big fella

the lil fella

starting from


starting from



about the LP

think of this as a mixtape on vinyl. pick songs that mean something to your relationship or the songs that played a part in your wedding; the choice is yours! your mixtape is cut right here in australia on a wide range of coloured vinyl using a high quality german cutting lathe and is finished off with a custom designed centre label that matches your 12" sleeve and details of your day.

about the sleeve

the sleeve is a 12” double gate, meaning you can fit two 12” LPs in this sucker if you’d like, or fill one or both sides with five 11” prints each. it is handmade with master fine art paper (super lush) and coated in a washed silk laminate to add extra lushness and protection. as far as the design goes, i will custom design this to suit you and your day as best i can.

the inside spread is perfect for printing song lyrics, vows, speeches, readings, a mini gallery of pictures, etc.

pick your favourite songs to be pressed onto the record and to go on the back of the sleeve alongside a QR code that will transport you to your gallery

record packages

the sleeve

the mixtape

starting from


starting from