film packages

can be added on to any elopement + weddings packages

+ $750 (inc gst)

frequently asked

what cameras do you use?

i have a sea of new and old cameras i've picked up and will use to tell your wedding day story in analog. for 35mm, i have a canon 1v that i'll primarily use to capture the day as well as a contax and nishika. i also have a polaroid camera, rolleiflex, and use a chinon for super 8.

if you're my accountant, yes the purchase of these cameras was a necessary business expense.

what film do you use?

i'm a big fan of consistency in colour, so will use the portra family (primarily 400) for all colour and tri-x or for b+w. maybe some cinestill if you're getting married at a laundromat or run down movie theatre.

how many shots will we get?

this all depends on how much time and space we've got in the timeline. i'll work with you in creating a timeline that can maximise capturing your day in analog glory. i'd say between 75-150 shots across all the different cameras at a minimum.

can you shoot our whole wedding day on film only?

you ballsy bastard, i like your moxie. email me to chat more about what a full day film photography package would look like.

if you want a full day super 8 wedding video, you're gonna want to book