Family enquiries

Show me what makes your family unique.

I want to meet you somewhere special, or come into your home, see how you, as a family, relate to each other, share space and experiences. This is what I want to capture. Not the posed, but the real. The everyday moments that in a few years, will be a fading memory.
Let me give you that memory to hold for years to come.


How much does a family shoot cost?

For family shoots in Newcastle, the Central Coast, and Sydney I do family shoots for a flat rate of $500.

For other locations, contact me via the form and we can work something out.

How long does a family shoot go for?

It varies, but usually around an hour.

How many photos will I get?

I'm not a '10 photos on a USB, pay for extra' kind of photographer. It's your family, and every image I capture (provided it's up to scratch) is yours. You will receive anywhere from 60-150 depending on the size of your family and length of shoot.

Recently, I've been surprised by what families would call their favourite images from their shoot. I don't always see the same thing as they do in the images, and I would hate to think that one of their favourite photos could be living in a pile of culled images.

Family shoot enquiry form